Unedited Script

This text is an unedited transcript from a question and answer session, that occured during a master class in Targoviste, Romania

Mechanic gives you a specific stability, a security, but in the same moment it limits – mechanic just repeats itself, but this kind of relation does not exist in music. I speak about the moments where e.g. your two has no relation to the one, where the second beat does not come out of the first.

“Does it help to breath together with the upbeat?”

If you want to breath, do it, in a certain stage of your development it may help you to get nearer to the way how the musicians live their upbeat. But when you did it I couldn’t see this, because the concrete connection to the music was missing. Therefore it’s mechanic, just repeating itself each time without any specific quality which expresses the given musical relations.

One thing is not knowing the piece well enough but another thing is to take a risk. This,