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Symphonic Orchestra „Mihael Jora“, Konrad von Abel – Bacau 2009 | Rehearsal Excerpts

The conductor’s gesture is the result of the necessity of expression in every moment of the musical process. It is materialized on the basis and in function of physiological and psychological facts. The ideal gesture cannot be found abstractly, but rather it arises in the Now in function of the tension between what brought us till here and what will come out of this moment. We cannot fix and practice the gesture for a specific piece since it corresponds to the uniqueness of what we live in the present. Therefore it is the result of an alive creative process and can by no means be fixed by external or intellectual definitions. The gesture has as main task to enable each one of the musicians to experience the continuity between what has already sounded and what will sound. The most important condition is the permanent orientation in the whole, the living of each moment in its specific function of the whole.