These Master Classes are designed for professional or pre-professional musicians.
Konrad von Abel’s teaching focuses on the music phenomenology developed by conductor Sergiu Celibidache. It aims at helping each musician to establish a direct contact with music through the observation and free listening of sound phenomena unhampered by conceptions and conventions. Chamber music practice is supported by reflexion and discussion on a given theme, and practical exercises to prepare.
The number of chamber music ensembles is limited to 8.

Date December 26th 9:30 am, to December 31st 1:00 pm 2015

Place 4 quater, rue Hoche · F-93170 BAGNOLET

Questions and exercises for participants

Besides the chamber music lessons the following question will be examined together:
Rhythmic stability and harmonic stability, what have they in common ?

Exercices to prepare

Write two four-voices modulations in equal values, without fixed metric, by looking for a neutral field which is – at the level of fifths relations – between the two tonalities :
– F Sharp Major to D minor
– A Flat Major to D Major

Compose a rhythmic line, giving priority to contrasts between binary and ternary rhythms.

Works to be prepared for the direction class

– Lasso, Bicinium Sine Textu no XI
– Mozart, Duos for Basset Horns
– Bach, Sonata n°2 in A minor BWV 1003 for solo violin (all except Fuga)
– Prokofiev, Sonata for 2 violins, 1st movement
– Bach, choral « Wachet auf Ruf uns die Stimme »
– Bach, choral « Gott lebet noch »(Edition Breitkopf, no. 117)
– Bartók, Duos for 2 violins n°. 21, 24 et 25 (1. Band)